EBook Reincarnation Life's Gift of Grace

Where is our homeland? Are we at home in this world? Or are we only passing through, more or less as a tolerated guest?
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Is visible matter the basis upon which we rest – or do we stem from somewhere else? People’s feelings and inklings have always revolved around questions regarding “where from?” and “where to?” and “why?” and “what for?” Seldom were they answered in such clarity and unambiguity as through Gabriele, the teaching prophetess and emissary of God in our time. The knowledge about reincarnation opens our eyes, so that we may understand the meaning of our life, why we are on Earth and what task we have here – namely, the chance to make use of our existence and to again develop into what we are in our spiritual origin: divine beings, whose life is eternal. Reincarnation is a message that will change your life, a message that was also known in Early Christianity, before the developing power church suppressed it. This book supplies facts about how and why the knowledge about life afer death, about karma and reincarnation disappeared from the Christian western world. It answers mankind’s basic questions about the “where from” and “where to, ” the “why” and “what for, ” and clears up many errors and wrong ideas about reincarnation. 80 pages www.gabriele-publishing.com/category/books/

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