OEM jewelry 925 sterling silver rings factory

OEM/ODM jewelry manufacturer design custom your own jewelry.  925 sterling silver rings fine jewelry custom OEM manufacturer for 20 years, get a wholesale price
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OEM/ODM  jewelry  manufacturer  design  custom  your  own  jewelry. 

925 sterling silver rings fine jewelry custom OEM manufacturer for 20 years, get a wholesale  prices  for  big quantity.

Email: mo@kingjy.com

Tel: 086-18027382203

Website: www.kingjy.com 


Guangzhou JingYing jewelry  manufacturers  established in 1998.After 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, JingYing jewelry has developed into an independent design, production, sale in one, focusing on the customization of high-end fashion  jewelry wholesale enterprises.Main products include bracelets, bangle, earrings, ear  stud, pendants, jewelry sets and other 925 sterling silver jewelry.

The custom process of 925 sterling silver jewelry

1.Original designning  for jewelry

It begins when you bring us a design idea or sample changed , we start original design by sketch as your request

2.creating 3D mold for jewelry

No matter if this is a simple sketch or a full prototype, we are the Experienced and mature design team help you working on bringing it to life as a fully realized piece of jewelry.

3.Creating mold for jewelry( metal master) 

We use CNC machining machine carving jewelry model ensure our jewelry goods 100%   high quality sterling silver jewelry same as fine jewelry surface smooth and no lost stone .

4. Casting  for jewelry

Inject wax mold become plaster mold , after High temperature heating got jewelry metal goods base

5.Molding & Polish  for jewelry

Modeling jewelry goods more beautiful , surface smooth

6.Hand setting gemstone  for jewelry

We use Micro-inlaid machine imported from Japan do setting for 5A CZ stones , can be 99% no lost stone wax setting technology .

7.Plating  for jewelry

We do 2-time plating for all 925 sterling silver jewelry , first do thick silver plating by base , double posh make sure surface smooth then go on with the real gold plating , thickness up to 3 microns ensure can last 1years time , we call it vermail .

8.QC  for jewelry

Quality checking is the most important process in the whole production line .we have a 10-engineer team to do quality checking control by each process   .

No lost stone -1, we will use professional steel needle to beat stone one by one , make sure no fall out .2, we will drop jewelry items at 3 meters to check the stone no fall out .

Plating- 1, customer can get the report from the machine test about the plating thickness make sure get your standard .2, we use professional tools , manually rub the metal surface for five minutes , ensure the coat quality is good .



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